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Date of publication:2020-07-09 | Number of visits:987

As the main source of rare earth, Baotou City focuses on high-end application related industries of rare earth, constructs 8 independent advanced product standard systems such as high-performance rare earth permanent magnet motors, rare earth environmental protection pigments, and rare earth polishing powders, creates a batch of independent advanced standards, and seizes the commanding heights of industrial development

Basic requirements for polishing powder: The particle size of the micro powder should be uniform and within the allowable range; Having high purity and free from mechanical impurities; The powder particles have a certain lattice shape, forming sharp corners when broken to improve polishing efficiency; It has appropriate hardness and density, and has good wettability and suspension with water, as polishing powder needs to be mixed with water. Polishing powder has the advantages of fast polishing speed, high smoothness, and long service life. Rare earth cerium polishing powder is widely used for polishing cameras, camera lenses, television tubes, glasses, etc